Welcome to the Home of Adventure - the Scottish Adventurers! 

Waggin Walkin Adventurers was established in April 2019, by Jemma May Turner, following on from a rebrand of another pet care business of 5 years.

The Pet Care Business originated in North Yorkshire, but has since moved through to South Lanarkshire, Scotland following a personal move with family, hence the name 'The Scottish Adventurers'. 

By concentrating on providing bespoke services for a select number of Clients, Waggin Walkin Adventurers does its best to provide a unique service, crossing the boundaries of a simple walk in the park - opening up opportunities for exploration where possible for all that join the Adventuring family.

So if you're looking for a place where your Dog can just be a Dog, and a place where they will become a part of the family - then look no further!

The Adventurers have got you covered!